About the movie


A group of college-age girls waste away their summer days playing volleyball and lying on the beach, and they spend their summer nights flirting with the local surfers around the nightly bonfire. An Olympic scout discovers their natural talent for beach volleyball and retains a local coach to prepare them for the upcoming U.S. trials. However, personal struggles prevent them from reaching their true potential. On the eve of life changing opportunity, trouble rolls up in the form of local skateboarders. With romance in the air and the intrigue of these bad boys, the girls quickly loose their focus and their dreams are quickly derailed. Are their friendships strong enough to help each other back on the Olympic path?

The Southern California beach culture comes to life in this young adult comedy filled with beaches, volleyball, sunsets, bonfires and bikinis. The vibrant energy and beauty of the beach lifestyle are the canvas for this coming-of-age story about realizing who your friends really are.

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